Episode 7 :

16th August
28 minutes
Mark Thomas, Sammy J, Randy, Zoe Lyons, Stuart Mitchell, Fork


Mark Thomas chatted about his recent trip to the House Of Lords and his training schedule for his upcoming London to Paris charity cycle ride.   

Sammy J and Randy joined us for a chat and a bizarre performance.  It’s important, when listening, to realise, Randy is a purple puppet. 

We got stand up from Zoe Lyons and Stuart Mitchell and we were furnished with a song from Fork.

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With over 1 million downloads already, it's back! Stand up, sketches, songs and interviews with at least 6 of the biggest and best acts on this year's Fringe, recorded live, in front of an audience, everyday at midday at The Gilded Balloon.

Each day your host Richard Melvin and the team at Dabster Productions pick 6 of their favourite acts and invite them to the Nightclub at the Gilded Balloon for either a performance or chat.  Sometimes the chat is a bit of a performance and the performance is more like a chat – it really depends how much coffee has been drunk.

So far we’ve had loads of big names, some Hollywood A-Listers and a few people you might not have heard of yet, so make sure you download the podcast everyday from iTunes.


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